Visionary Pharmaceuticals Mission Statement

Visionary Pharmaceuticals is a leading biotechnology company developing first-in-class drugs for unmet medical needs in Cancer and Inflammation.

  —— Stopping Autoimmune Disease and Cancer ——

Visionary pharmaceuticals drug discovery portfolio includes RORγt and SGK1. RORγt is an important target in both autoimmune disease and cancer. This includes inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and more than 70 other autoimmune diseases. RORγt is also a novel target for colorectal cancer.

SGK1 is a critical mediator of chemoresistance, invasiveness, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and tumor growth in multiple cancers. Triple negative breast cancer is the most relevant indication for SGK1 kinase inhibitors. Additionally, SGK1 controls the expression of IL-23 receptor on Th17 cells and therefore inhibitors will be effective in various Th17-mediated autoimmune diseases.

Visionary Pharmaceuticals mission is to develop first-in-class drugs for unmet medical needs in autoimmune diseases and cancer. Visionary utilizes a proprietary game changing technology platform for rapid, efficient and low cost hit finding and lead optimization.

Furthermore, Visionary Pharmaceuticals has an exceptional Nuclear Receptor and Kinase Knowledge Engine, which significantly accelerates the development of low molecular weight, high ligand efficiency oral therapeutics. These New Chemical Entities represent novel treatment modalities for some of the world’s most significant diseases. At Visionary we bring passion, technical excellence and cutting edge science to the laboratory every day to change the world, permanently.